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Words I made in my brain.

Depression can lessen your motivation
Make it 10 times easier to give into temptation
Not happy unless you’re in complete sedation
I’ve been there, felt like my minds taking a permanent vacation
Tryin’ to put words together, but the thought train’s left the station
Brilliance is best stemmed from madness
The funniest man on this planet could still be the saddest
I’ve seen better days then the one that’s here this morning, but if every sunrise was the same, I’m sure it’d get boring
Now you’re laying on the floor, muscling up enough courage to hit the liquor store
Another shot could rot you to your core, but now you’re sobering up,
all that’s in your sight is an open door to make it through one more night
A bottle of wine, a couple of white lines, and a few more white lies to the ones you love saying you’re alright.
But in reality your soul and your mind are in a fight for life

Forget All You’ve Been Taught

There is a disgusting stigma in life… And that is life itself. Who we should be, what we should, the path that we should follow to be an ideal person. It’s all around us. Everyday we told what life is about and that is complete bullshit. You are who are. Love you who you love, do what you do, and think what you think. Life is too short to follow rules. Remember that rule. Nobody will ever be stronger than you. Open your eyes, arch your back, find your soul and scream at the top of your lungs. The world is yours. Don’t be worried or afraid. No one can shut you down, because there are no wrong answers. Life is improv, no script will ever be finalized. We are drafts and revisions, becoming better as times goes on, but never being perfected. You can love a woman but be attracted to men, be a white man raised Muslim, be an atheist, love animals but still eat meat. You are you, and absolutely NO ONE can be offended. Spread love, peace and happiness. As cliche as it sounds, the world needs more, and you are the provider. Forget your religion, forget your beliefs, forget what you’ve been thought and become free. Become one with the beautiful earth that we have been provided. Find you. -YOUphoria

I can’t sleep, my mind keeps telling me to wake up. It’s 2am but if I don’t let the world know who I am, then I’m gonna spend the rest of my night feeling pretty fucking lame. The sun came, and so did I… On her face. And in case you forgot my name, sweetie, I wrote it on your sheets.

Let’s Get Crazy

Let’s get crazy
Forget being lazy
My minds gettin hazy
Let’s do somethin that’ll make us say “save me”
drugs don’t phase me
But for some reason you amaze me
No track of time
Lost mind
But I’ll be fine unless it’s you that I lose
We’re so compatible I’m willing to let you take my heart as collateral
Let’s take off to somewhere where time don’t matter at all
Let’s treat it like Summer when it’s Fall
Let’s write our fears on a wall and wait for the demons to call
Let’s act is if we lie, we’ll die
Not care if it takes us 27 tries

Tucker Bowen; Ghetto Superstar: Sober


Rhymes so dark they’ll put Dr. Seuss in a noose
I’m feelin loose
I just snorted a Xanax and went ahead and fucked your ex
I’ve realized the best sex is moments after getting your head stretched by Acid and Pintrest
My last text is my mum saying she hopes I die next
The effects leave me face…