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More important than you could know
The coziest blanket of warmth when it snows
Keeps you feeling high when you’re low
This is all off the top of my dome
Hey beautiful girl, let me take you home
We’ll become like family before we even know

Beardless. Fearless. #Selfiness

Beardless. Fearless. #Selfiness


I’m best described an apologetic, psychological mastermind
I plant stop signs in front gardens
So maybe then we’ll yield to beauty
Hiding behind 4 inch screens
Putting everything into memes
I don’t SnapChat
I leave that to spoiled brats who can’t match the connection if it weren’t for Granny Smith, they were would be no apple
Taking so many pictures
Forgetting what our memories for
No matter what that lens captures
Guaranteed it won’t succeed to that moment of laughter
If I have a daughter
I’m going to let her know her face belongs on a stage
And if she wants fans
They ain’t gonna come from Instagram